Were on tour with Bojo Boris

Bojo Action Figure Fails To Impress

New Bojo Action Figure Withdrawn as Sales Slump After PM is Caught Telling Porkies Yet Again

One user who returned his toy said that it glorified drug use and gave the impression to kids that it was okay to tell lies.

Another asked how a drug user who was responsible for the mis-use of billions of pounds of public funds could ever be considered as a Police Officer let alone be allowed to wear the uniform and take part in a drugs raid.

Even the freebies were sent back, with one owner saying that he couldn’t understand what was being said as it sounded like a lot of confused babble.

A full range of Uniforms are available including;
The Coke Sniffing Mayor, The Gas Man, Action Cop and of course everyone’s favourite Bojo The Clown

It is rumoured that Boris only agreed to tag along because he thought there would be free samples handed out at the end of the raid

Boris looks disappointed after he is told that the Line of Duty is not the line he thought it was

Boris is furious and demands to know who will pay for the new curtains in his flat

Looks like his first day on the job did not go as planned

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