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So what makes Bojo’s shows so entertaining? Well for me it’s his magic tricks, like the amazing Vacuum Cleaner into Ventilator routine or his fantastic “Magic Money Box” and let’s not forget about his show stopping finalè, the “Magic Mobile Phone App” that makes millions of pounds disappear right before your very eyes.

Tickets for his shows sell out fast, especially for his corporate events, but don’t despair if you can’t get your hands on one, because if your a pal of Bojo’s he will always slip you a couple of VIP passes if you bung him a roll of wallpaper or a pair of curtains.

Bojo is also renowned for his use of props, his kipper routine and big red bus are certainly amongst the top ten moments in British comedy, and who can forgot his classic one-liners, “I used my own money”, “pile ’em high” and of course his famous catchphrase “I never said that”


Everybody’s favourite comedy show “The Daily Brief” is back, and to celebrate this momentous occasion we have custom printed the shows advertising flyer onto a decorative aluminium wall plaque, which will look great on any lavvy wall.


Bojo reminds his fans exactly why he wants Scotland to stay in the union;
“Its not just about the kippers, we also need their cash and somewhere to store our nukes”

Tonight’s guests include;
Douglas “I thought I was the Boss” Ross
and former Scottish Branch Manager
BaronMess Rooth the Mooth.

Our unique range of custom printed Bojo products will certainly enhance any fans home and make a great gift for those who are yet to be converted…

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